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EOR Solutions is offering a novel technology that provides long lasting, increased production from single oil wells and real Enhanced Oil Recovery in flooding systems.

The technology is based on the latest achievements in bioengineering combined with in-depth understanding of the nature of oil in reservoirs.

This combination creates a synergy that gives technological solutions to extract considerable more oil from wells by simple and cost effective well treatment procedures.

The dominant aspect of the enzyme being used in this technology is its unique properties to attach to hydrocarbons and subsequently release them as droplets subject to recovery. This mechanism is causing the removal of plugs made from deposits of heavy hydrocarbons near the well bore leading to increased fluid flow to the well.

In water wetted systems the enzyme is also changing the surface to become enzyme - water wetted. The enzyme also drastically reduces the surface tension between oil and the aqueous phase. These effects are causing the release of oil trapped in pores.

The ultimate use of the technology is in flooding systems where the hole reservoir is flooded with a diluted enzyme solution. This causes reduction in residual oil saturation following actual enhanced oil recovery.

The enzyme trade name is Tigerzyme® 22-E* and has the following main properties;
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It is non toxic and non pathogenic
  • It is biodegradable
  • It is highly resistant to temperatures and chemicals typically present in reservoirs
The well stimulation process using the enzyme technology is very simple since it's only calls for a set up of mixing tanks and pressure pumps. Hence this technology is applicable to both onshore and offshore wells. EOR Solutions can provide this technology directly to clients or as complete job packages through our service provider, National Petroleum Services, www.npsintl.com in the Middle East Area.

Site reports from around the world shows that remarkably high recovery grades of oil have been obtained by use of this enzyme and that the use of this technology is growing.

EOR Solutions areas of operation are in the Middle East and Northern Europe.

*Tigerzyme® 22-E is manufactured through Jumpstart Energy Services in Houston, USA.
    Avoid investment costs and minimize Opex

Thousands of wells are already drilled and completed in the Middle East Region. A major part of these are candidates for improved production by using state of the art Stimulation Techniques and Products.

In today's tough financial environment, there is no need to drill significantly more wells. Stimulate your old ones instead and obtain increased oil production and recovery from each well and reservoirs.

By using enzyme based technologies you will have the following straight financial benefits;
  • No need for additional Capex
  • Reduced Opex
  • Well stimulation cost pay-back time in order of days.
  • Long lasting effect of each well stimulation.
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